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Asia Baby!!

Think grandeur, think architectural genius, think OTT . . . think the Wynn Macau Casino, China! That’s where I was off to next.

Dubbed as Steve Wynn’s, “best work from an architectural point of view” and the first Las Vegas style resort to hit Asia, I just had to go and check it all out for myself.

On arrival, I was stunned by what lay before me. Welcomed by the infamous “Performance Lake”, where lofty plumes of water dance through the air to classical and popular music and fire spits, I was left in awe.

A warm host of staff awaited my arrival, showing me to my deluxe suite on the top floor, where I would rest before exploring the resort further the next day.

After a stunning continental breakfast the following morning, I did my best to lure myself away from the shopping promenade (where you will find all the big names), and keep my sole focus on the casino!

Spanning 100,000 square foot of gaming floor, it boasts 212 table games and 375 slot machines. I was in for a treat.

The gaming experience was excellent, with an atmosphere to rival the best I’d ever encountered. It combined the best of Las Vegas style (modeled on the original Wynn Casino), with the envied luxury of Macau.

After my usual winning streak, and showing the locals how it was done Casino Guy style, I decided to dine in the breath taking, “99 Noodles” restaurant. 99 Noodles, is just one of the many fine dining experiences you can enjoy within the resort, specializing in Chinese regional hand-pulled and cut noodle dishes, in a fanciful Chinoisene – inspired environment.

Washing dinner down with a few drinks from Bar Cristal (crowned with a 19th Century antique chandelier), lead to an evening in front of the Moon Jellyfish Aquarium. This enchanting display of underwater magic is home to 1,000 Moon Jellyfish, playfully swimming in one of the largest display tanks of its kind. It’s a must see for anyone who ever visits the resort.

Even though it was only a short trip, my time at the Wynn Macau, China was a truly enjoyable one. Steve Wynn has created luxury that knows no bounds. Asia is the perfect backdrop for this timeless casino resort, and one that I will certainly be making a return journey to.