Vegas, Maxi Style-MGM Grand

Having just arrived in the land of the high rollers, a little bedraggled and feeling as though my stomach was about to absorb the rest of my internal organs… I made a quick pit stop at a familiar counter for a bite to eat; and to stop myself from toppling over after the long and difficult journey behind me. It has always fascinated me how McDonald’s in America can get away with extending their maximum meal size that little bit beyond what is the norm in Europe.

Refreshed and ready to explore, I headed on in pursuit of my bounty. I’d read somewhere before that they claimed it to be the ‘Maximum Vegas’ experience; but having just fulfilled my appetite with the maxi sized meal, I really had no ambition to be ‘maxed’ out anymore.

Being right in the heart of the city, it really wasn’t very hard to find the grandiose structure that housed the world’s second largest hotel and magnificent casino resort, known only as the MGM Grand. Seeing is (indeed) believing, and my eyes were certainly awoken by the awesomeness of this magnificent place that stood so proudly along the famous Las Vegas Strip. With over 5,000 rooms and 25 restaurants and bars, I was pretty sure that I would find plenty to do and a mass of people to meet.

For me, the greatest surprise of all was the 170,000 square feet of gaming floor that hosted 2,500 gaming machines and over 130 table and poker games. I couldn’t possibly play them all during my three day stay… or could I? It appeared as though I truly was in ‘Paradise’; not only a well-known town within Vegas, but more so the place where most gamblers would only ever dream of finding.

The MGM resort truly offers something for everyone. With a range of keenly priced rooms, suites; and the more lavish two story sky lofts that I somehow found myself residing in… Oh, and did I mention, Albert, my private butler – available to assist with all of my needs at any time of the day or night. Well, It’s better to live than to wish you had.

In the evenings, I found myself torn between the extravagant selection of gourmet bistros. My recommendation would have to be Tom Colicchio’s Craft Steak house, for elaborate fine dining and an award winning wine list. Of course, for during the day you can grab a less lavish lunch at the Rainforest Café or a coffee at Starbuck’s.  For those with a fire raging heart, the party truly never ends. You will be greeted by an array of nightclubs and no doubt you will find something to suit your pallet.

Once you’ve had your fun on the gigantic casino floor you’ll most likely find yourself (as I did) heading for the Grand Spa – A sensational haven of pampering and relaxation. Exactly what a contemporary international man of mystery requires; and if you have a lady friend, even one that you met along the way, this is the perfect way to keep her engaged while you try your luck at winning.

An incredibly outlandish experience, and one that I will never forget. MGM Grand, not for the faint hearted and better enjoyed if your pockets are heavy to begin.