Europe’s Treasure – Budapest – Casino Lido

Since we last spoke, I have been touring the historic cities of Europe in search of the world’s very best casinos. To be honest I became bored of the big glitzy venues that everyone knows and talks about so much– and generally only because their favorite celebrity has made an appearance there and was pictured in Hello Magazine.

I decided that it was time to find the little unknown treasures of the European casino world. I knew there had to be some beautiful, little boutique gaming places that had not yet been discovered; and it was my time to explore.

My first stop was Budapest – A beautiful city, full of charming pleasures, green parks and historic monumental buildings. Of course, more recently recognized as the home of the 97 year old, Hungarian Nazi, currently on war trial… But we won’t divert our attention to that.

I flew in to the Budapest international airport, ideally located just 15 minutes from the most central locations and 20 from my hotel. My travels had brought me to Budapest following a recommendation from an old pal that I used to go to school with. I had stumbled across him at a recent past pupils dinner at the Eton College. He had recommended that I look in the direction of the Casino Lido – Thought it would be exactly what I was looking for.

Housed in a beautiful art nouveau style palace, the Casino Lido offers the very best of Budapest’s luxury gaming experience. The historical setting combined with an exciting selection of games makes for a delightful and fascinating visit.

On the ground floor as you enter you will be presented with the ‘game hall’ which is filled to the neck with a contemporary mix of gaming machines. If you’re a bit like myself and prefer to roll high, then you’ll much prefer the poker room on the basement level.

One of the greatest attributes of this little casino palace is the magnificent restaurant on the second floor – truly the crown of the resort. Offering a wonderful selection of traditional foods, wines and an atmosphere that is beyond compare.

If you are truly looking for something different on your gaming travels then Budapest is a must. Book yourself into a little boutique hotel on the water and spend some time exploring the Casino Lido. You won’t be disappointed.

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