Italy in the Heart of Vegas

As I gaze out my window, high up on the 21st floor of the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas. I find myself engulfed in an outright adult Disneyland experience!Just over three miles from the Mc Carren Airport, It wasn’t long until my chauffeur had me delivered to my latest casino venue. The Venetian resort opened on May 3, 1999 with a flutter of white doves, sounding trumpets and singing gondoliers. It is now among the world’s most renowned casino resorts.

First impressions – possibly one of the most elaborate hotel spectacles in town. I knew it was the right place! Located in the heart of the casino capital of the world, the Venetian had a lot to live up to, especially in the presence of Casino Guy!

Depending on how many Martinis you may have consumed, one would have to be forgiven for believing that they have some how wound up in the streets of Venice. The Venetian recreates most of the cities top landmarks including a portion of St Mark’s Square and the odd canal or two. With impressive attention to detail and security guards dressed in Venetian police uniforms – all that is missing is the distinctive smell that you only find when visiting the long canals of Venice…

The Casino itself is somewhat confusing at first, with poor signage to describe the layout. However, the 112,000 square-foot poker room with lavishly detailed marble floors and hand painted ceilings is certainly something to be admired. From classic games to video poker, the casino has been filled with the very best and industry conosairs will not be disappointed.

After a long but obviously successful day on the casino floor, one was happy to retire to his penthouse suit on the 21st floor. But before I did I was subconsciously drawn to the Venetians Canyon Ranch spa club; the finest hotel spa in town. Here I enjoyed advice from nutritionists and physical therapist while relaxing on one of the many vibrating massage chairs. Night time can be spent at one of the Venetians 18 resturaunts. I recommend Bouchon – Run by America’s top chef Thomas Keller.

Come to The Venetian for a little bit of Italian style in the heart of Vegas!!

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