Casino di Venezia – Malta

I write this from my hotel room in the very centre of the Mediterranean. Only 93 Kilometers south of Sicily, and not much further from Tunisia. But for those of you who have not yet discovered this tiny archipelago in the very southern waters of Europe; I sip cocktails and admire the stunning view in a place known only as Malta. A haven for the rich as well as being rich in culture and history, Malta expresses the very best of its many cultural influences; with wonderful Italian cuisine and affluent British lifestyle combined.

Curiosity is what really brought me here – following the one million dollar speedboat heist that took place just back at the beginning of February. I couldn’t help my fascination with this Hollywood style episode that has truly bewildered the authorities.

Casino di Venezia was the scene of this intriguing crime and is the home of some of the world’s most renowned poker tournaments; including the European Masters in 2009. My first visit to the region, I was enchanted by the beautiful reconstructed historical palace that the casino is now located within. To describe in more familiar detail, the building is of similar style to what you might see along the Grand Canal in Venice.

Inside, you are greeted with magnificent crystal chandeliers, vintage tapestries and imposing stone columns that line the way to the gaming floors. Dress code is emphasized and a jacket is essential. However, you can understand why as you enter the elegant gaming rooms. The entire ground floor level is dedicated to poker and you will find a range of tables to suit your tastes.  On the first floor there are traditional games located within the great hall; Trente et Quarente, Blackjack and Punto y Banco, to name but a few. The rest of the first floor is divided into four sizeable rooms that house a total of one hundred slot machine games. (They also have one dedicated to non smokers)

The casino itself has no accommodation but does boast a magnificent Panoramic Restaurant located on the second floor and with a terrace overlooking the breath taking Grand Harbor. Here you will be served with excellent cuisine and fantastic service. The restaurant is capable of holding up to 150 patrons and would be an ideal location for a romantic evening for two.

The Casino di Venezia offer some superb offers and partner with a number of five star hotels. For high deposit guests they will provide accommodation, transfers and dinner in their restraint.

Only twenty-five minutes from the international airport and with an array of exciting things to see and do; Malta is certainly one place you should definitely visit soon. When your pockets are filled, check out the Megalithic Temples – some of the oldest freestanding structures in the world. J

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