James Bond’s Casino Royale, Montenegro

Having endured a long three months of globe trotting between some of the world’s most frantic business havens, I decided it was time to retreat to the black mountains just east of Croatia (commonly known as Montenegro) for some chill out – me time.

Awaiting to board my flight in Miami and surrounded by a swarm of wailing children, hassled mothers and livid fathers – I decided to return to my latest read and the one that had, unintentionally, directed me to my next vacation destination. Just before the call came for all passengers to board, I was captivated by the passages describing how James himself departed for Montenegro from exactly the same airport as I was seated in at that very moment; A mere coincidence or a mission to earn my license to kill? My mind become entranced by visions of a beautiful Vesper Lynd awaiting my arrival in Budva… “Excuse me sir, your plane is about to leave”. Luckily the kind airline lady rattled my daydream and ensured that I did not miss my flight.

I landed in Tivat Airport after a difficult twelve hours of restless sleep and continued turbulence. Thankfully, my transfer to the hotel was a short one and I was able to head straight for my bed to catch up on some greatly needed ‘dream time’.

The Splendid Casino Royale Resort is located on the edge of the Adriatic Sea in Becici. It boasts a sophisticated charm, complimented by elegant furnishings and a luxurious décor throughout. This truly is an extravagant resort where you will feel like nothing less than King. However, if like me, you had visions of a glorious casino with high-flyer poker rooms and elegantly dressed Russian ladies betting millions at a time, you may be disappointed. It turns out that you actually should have gone to Budapest… Strange, I know! But, apparently the majority of casino scenes from the Casino Royale movie were shot in Budapest…

A casino does exist at this resort but it really is nothing to write home about. I certainly wasn’t going to be earning my double ‘0’ status at this casino resort. A selection of gaming machines and tables are available to play from 5am onwards, but I honestly was quite disappointed by the fact that my fantasies of conquering Le Chiffre across the poker tables, did not come true.  Ill have to wait until Budapest…

Despite my disappointment at the lack of casino facilities, I did enjoy my stay at the Splendid Casino Royale Resort. After all… it’s probably best that I try not to gamble while on vacation. J

(Source: montenegrostars.com)

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